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Who is behind NoSleep Javascript


Hi! My name is Fran Guijarro (a.k.a franleplant), I have a degree in Systems Engineering, I have been programming for the last decade a wide variety of solutions with different technologies such as Javascript, Typescript, Python, Rust et. al. I work professionally as a Senior Software developer and a Tech Lead and I am an aspiring Software Architect focused on Javascript applications, both in the Front End with React and in the backend with Node.js. I am an amateur wood worker.

I define myself as a respectful contrarian, a tinkerer, a craftsman and as a healthy obsessed with figuring the world out.

I have a passion for learning, figure stuff (like life) out and for the past couple of years I have developed a passion for teaching and helping others grow professionally in this weird environment that is Software Development.

I talk about Software Development, tech culture and random stuff, join me in this amazing journey that is life.


Help others grow professionally and personally, and achieve their full potential.


  • To provide as much of the content for free as possible.
  • To give back to the open source and software development community.
  • To provide a holistic approach to software development, including both technical and soft skills.
  • To provide mentorship programs for those that need more concrete guidance.


  • Be open minded and reflective, be a practicing stoic.
  • Provide as much content and resources for free as possible.
  • Do not trash tools, evaluate them objectively, do not follow the herd, do not sustain cargo cult biases.
  • Include soft skills in our work and in our content, be emotional intelligent.
  • Observe your own emotions and empathise with others’.
  • Keep learning about a wide variety of subjects.
  • Keep in contact with beginners to identify where they struggle and how to help them.

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